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The programming we provide falls into three categories. 


1.) Community Arts Grants


We support community level arts programming that’s designed to inspire and encourage continued development through the arts because we believe in the value of artistic training — both in enhancing personal skills and for contributing to the quality of life in local communities. 


In the past we’ve funded everything from a wildly popular chorale experience at Carnegie Hall to new theatrical productions to an award-winning film about 9/11. Varied in concept, everything we’ve funded has aspired to a level of excellence that only earnest dedication  to a craft provides. 


2.) Competitive Awards


We have a unique vision for arts education — inspired to assist developing artists in understanding the business of arts management that often presents the biggest challenge to professional success in the arts. 


By partnering with educational institutions we endeavor to offer panel discussions and forums on an array of topics around arts management — from business plans to marketing, the importance of strategic partnership to budget balancing. 


Excellence in the arts has little meaning when the art cannot be sustained. We are working to help address that challenge.


3.) Professional Artist Development


New to our re-imagined vision, we’re offering young professionals looking to launch their careers grant money that will allow them the time and resource they need to have their work presented. Each year the focus of this award will change based on the pool of applicants we receive, as well as funding factors. However, we feel strongly about the importance and potential impact of this offering.  We think our founder would, as well. 


Look for details on all of the above in our blog and social media posts.  Or email us directly at

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