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Masterwork Music and Art Foundation began in more than 50 years ago, in Morristown, New Jersey. The brainchild  of Shirley May, who was passionate about the arts and understood the importance of nurturing developing artists while infusing the cultural life of the community. Generations of artists were influenced by the years of concerts, theatrical events and fine arts projects Masterwork Arts funded or produced. 


In 2016, Shirley passed, which prompted a revitalization of our organization and a recommitment to expand Shirley’s vision. Today we’re intent on expanding our reach and impact to meet the changing needs of today’s developing artists.


Our Reason for Being

We believe in the arts and the vision she had for supporting excellence in the arts at all levels.


Alice Glock

Joen Ferrari

Carol May

Gwyneth Mooney, Treasurer

Mathews Philips, President

Mina (Lavinia) Ruby

R. Wayne Walters

Tim Watkins

Eileen White

Joseph White

Tony Javed

Eric Hafen